Does the penis size matter?

According to many researches, surveys and polls, it turns out, that the size of the penis affects the quality of a sexual life. Most women will not say it loud, but the numbers speak for themselves - 87 % of women think, that size is import ant. Just look at the random posts on forums:

"SIZE MATTERS !!! Once in my life I had something like this ... I’ve been dating with some guy for a while ... he really liked me and didn’t hide it ... and finally we did it ... I felt nothing! He came after 2 minutes, I didn’t even feel it ... I was very surprised when he got up and said: "I'm sorry, but I’m done" I was in shock ... but hey ... his penis was only 7-8 cm long ... "


„"(...) If you want me to be completely honest, I must be harsh on this topic. There are sex positions, that may be forgotten, if guy has a short penis – for example that one when you lie on a guy – you won’t feel much (for me this is a huge minus). Size is very important, and it is not just my opinion, which, however, I would never say at loud in the front of any guy (...). "


Small penis is the source of many complexes, which turns into frustration. Very often it even leads to depression. It’s not worth so suffer, expose to ridicule and finally stay lonely.

Take over control of your sex life with a revolutionary product which are the most effective penis enlargement pills - XtraSize !!!

XtraSize are penis enlargement supplements will make your penis longer and more massive in the circuit. It will help you become a man you've always wanted to be - you and your partner will be able to achieve maximum sexual satisfaction and pleasure from the approximation. Don’t be ashamed anymore. New size of your manhood will increase your confidence, you'll be presented well in the front of your partner. Your complexes will disappear !!!

The solution of this difficult and embarrassing problem is now in your range.

Just take one Xtra Size pill after your morning meal. The first effects will appear after few days. You will notice stronger erections and longer duration of intercourse. Continuation of treatment will increase the length of your penis. After a month of using Xtra Size you will get an additional 3 cm, and after six months - even 7,5 cm

XtraSize is completely safe - it is a mixture of natural ingredients, which have been used for years and their effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed. The blend was prepared by the American recipe. The safety of this penis enlargement product is confirmed by the positive feedback of thousands of satisfied men who completely change their lives with Xtra Size. Our dietary supplement is also recommended by doctors and nutritionists.

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Customer feedback:

    Luke, 27 lat, FleetwoodAdrian, 26 lat, CoventryPan TonyKsawery, 34 lata, SandomierzDawid
  • After reading feedbacks of Xtra Size I had no doubts. I think it’s a great product for a good price. In fact, it really works. The description is 100% true. First effects appeared quickly and most importantly they persist. There’s no any side effects. Great stuff :)
    Luke, 27 lat, Fleetwood
  • I felt the effect of the tablets just after few days. I’ve never had problems with erection, but after started using Xtra Size it never been so strong. The duration of the sex is much longer now. My girlfriendl is finally satisfied! However, I’m going to continue treatment to give her even more pleasure.
    Adrian, 26 lat, Coventry
  • My friend recommended me Xtra Size. I bought a few packs. I’m using it for 3 months and I have to admit that it really works! And I ‘m not the only happy person, because of the the results. I can honestly recommend it for everyone!
    Tony, 29 lata, Cracow
  • It’s obvious, that penis enlargement product will work differently with different guys, but in my case it was a very quickly. I didn’t expect such a quick effect. The best thing ever happened to me! With a clear conscience I can recommend this product.
    Darius, 29 lat, Kirkby Lonsdale
  • To be honest, I didn’t believe in the effects of these pills. I was wondering if there is any sense to spend money. Because I already exhausted all other options which do not give any effects (especially exercise, etc.) I decided to take a chance. Today I can say that I wish I had decided to start treatment earlier! Effects are over my expectations. My problem is finally over!
    Charles, 31 lat, Glastonbury
  • I can say, that the Xtra Size tablets saved my marriage. Unfortunately, because of my age, perhaps also by stress at work, I wasn’t able to do IT whenever my wife wanted to. It started with: "I understand that you had a rough day" with regret in her voice, and ended up arguing, sometimes even big fight. I knew that my wife is already at breaking point .. I was afraid that she would find a lover. Unfortunately, due to health, I can’t take Viagra. I found on the internet Xtra Size. I was thinking mainly about restoring sexual performance and strong erection, which was a big problem for me. However, I also noticed that my penis has grown about 3 inches long. I got a 2 in 1. I and my wife are very happy. Now we are experiencing a second youth, our problems are over.
    Adam, 54 lata, Bridgwater
  • I've tried different specifics for penis enlargment available on the market, but nothing brought the effects I expected. After reading the reviews of Xtra Size I decided to try for the last time. I even thought about to go to the surgeon, but first I had to check all the natural methods. It’s true that I had to wait for the effects longer than the others, but in the end it worked! Finally, I can live happily and enjoy sex like never before! I advise patience and consistency, and certainly it will succeed! It is worth to spend more money and a little time than take the risk and mutilate your body. Thank you very much!
    Xavier, 34 lata, Alton
  • Since I remember I had a problem with the size of my penis. For this reason, my girlfriend dumped me. I totally broke down, I began to seek help of specialists doctors, but no one was able to help me. Some clinics in Poland offer surgery, which unfortunately I can’t afford. In the end, I found the Xtra Size. I started take the pills. The first month nothing happened, second something moved, and the third one it was a big bum! I finally got 16 cm. I know it's not much, but compared with what was before- it’s practically a miracle!
    Paul, 28 lata, Chester
  • I always thought I was doomed to a low league.. but patient, consistent treatment, combined with exercises brought the effects. After one year - 6 cm more !!! I am bursting with pride and now I’ve got a need to satisfy all the women in the area. With that confidence I have gained there is no girl able to resist. I’ve changed into a real erotic predator. I just can’t stop! I feel so horny!
    Thomas, 31 lat, Manchester
  • 2 years ago my girlfriend dumped me without giving a reason. I began to wonder what could be wrong with me. I came to the conclusion that maybe I was too weak in the bed. Unfortunately, I do not belong to the generously endowed by nature, but it seemed to me that my efforts bring effects ... I decided to change it. After 7 months, the effects were visible . I have gained 7 cm. When my ex came to her parents for a visit, I took the opportunity and drag her into bed. She keeps callin. She wants me back :P
    David, 27 lat, London

Order XtraSize and change your life

Natural product - natural ingredients will make your penis even 7.5 cm longer

Long-term effects - enjoy a longer penis forever after 90 days of treatment

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Insufficient effect - you can return not opened package within 90 days !

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled for you most frequently asked questions by our customers. Feel free to read. Here you will find a lot of helpful information that may not yet clear for you. If you do not find here the answers for your questions, you can always get more informations by clicking HERE.
1Xtra Size - what it really is?
Xtra Size is a natural and recommended by doctors dietary supplement, which will increase and thickening of your penis up to 30%, it will also increase your sexual performance and libido.
2What can you achieve with Xtra Size?
By using Xtra Size you will start to feel more sexual pleasure, your libido will increase, moreover, you'll enjoy a stronger and longer lasting erections, so you also increase your confidence.
3What are the recommendations of using Xtra Size?
Take 1 tablet daily with the morning meal and drink water. Continue treatment for at least 90 days. You can also use a second capsule for about 30 minutes before having sex for a stronger erection. Single pack contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 2 months treatment.
4Are there any side effects after taking Xtra Size?
Absolutely not ! Xtra Size is completely safe blend of natural ingredients. You can buy it without a prescription.
5Are the results achieved by Xtra Size permanent ?
Yes, you do not have to worry, that after the end of treatment Xtra Size your size will return to its previous state. However, from time to time repeat the treatment to strengthen the current effect.
6How long the treatment should last?
For best results it is recommended to take the Xtra Size tablets regularny (3-4 packages).
7Why was my credit card declined?
There may be several reasons. Firstly you may have entered into order different address than the one specified in the bank. Both addresses should match each other. If, despite entering the correct address card authorization fails, contact your bank. Very often banks block for your safety the ability to make transactions via the Internet, which is only possible after contact with a consultant, individual verification and authorization of purchase.
8How long does it take to complete an order?
Orders placed before 10:00 are executed on the same day. However, in some cases the execution order is within 48 hours.

If you choose priori ty shipment the products should reach you within 1-2 working days. If you live in the other country, the delivery time depends on the continent.

In Europe it is usually up to 10 days, and rest of the world about 3-4 weeks.
9Can I drink the alcohol during treatment ?
Yes, but we recommend to do that with moderation. Xtra Size does not interact with alcohol, but excessive amounts can weaken its effect.